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Why I’m running . . .

I began my legal career in Morganton as a judicial clerk for Sam J. Ervin, III.  Judge Ervin instilled in me a respect for the rule of law, an appreciation for the role of judges, and an understanding of how our courts are essential to the protection of our rights, the preservation of an orderly society, and the necessary checks and balances of our government.   But most of all, as Judge Ervin would say, “never forget; our cases are about real people with real issues, not about abstract legal theories.” During that time in Morganton, I also spent hours in the personal library of Judge Ervin’s Father, Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr., looking through the books that informed his life and leadership of the Senate during troubled times.  I have carried those lessons with me throughout my career as an attorney in North Carolina.

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I want to serve you. . .

I have spent my career working for the economic opportunities, the quality of life, and the freedoms that all North Carolinians deserve.


Gray volunteers in his community, in the legal profession, and to the state. He received a “Citizen Lawyer” award from the NC Bar Association and was named a “Leader in the Law” by Lawyers Weekly. He recently completed a program at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro.  


After graduating from law school, Gray served as a law clerk to the Honorable Sam J. Ervin, III, Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. He has practiced law for almost 30 years in large and small firms, as well as founding his own law firm.

NC Values

Gray has lived and served in North Carolina his entire life.  He has litigated cases, appeared before local governments, or helped develop infrastructure projects in every part of the state. He loves North Carolina and its people and hopes to now be able to serve them as a judge on the Court of Appeals.

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Reaching voters, especially in 2020, will take a well-organized, well-funded effort. Please help in any way you can.

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